Want to be a whiz on google plus? #googleplus #socialmedia #writing #tips


I found some of these tips really useful – just need to take some more time to implement them.

Great tips for making an impact on google plus (quoted from Author Marketing Experts)

Follow Trends:

To the degree that it fits your topic, try to comment or follow trending topics. You can find this by clicking the “Home” button and then going to “what’s hot”. This will show you what’s hot within your circles but also what’s trending on G+. If you can tie your message into one of these topics, it could be a good way to get noticed.

Hashtags Rule:

Hashtags are no longer just for Twitter. They are a great tool to pull in relevant audiences. Even better: got a trending topic, use the hashtag!

Tagging People/Brands:

I always recommend that you tag relevant people in your post. When brands and people are tagged, they get a G+ notification and this can lead to additional engagement.

Images are Key:

Using images (preferably full-sized) can really help your posts stand out. Thumbnails and smaller images don’t have as much pull so whenever possible, use full-sized ones.

Communities Rock:

Finding relevant communities is so important and it can help you pull in a larger audience, more engagement and better traffic to your G+ page. Find some great communities and contribute your expertise!

Here are a few to get you started: http://www.thesocialmediahat.com/article/best-google-communities

Timing your social media posts – what’s the best time to facebook, tweet, etc.? #facebook #twitter #email #timing #amwriting


Today I discovered a great infographic on a topic most of us want to know more about: When we post stuff – what is the best time? When are people more likely to see what we are sharing?

Check it out


Community and social media – the importance of becoming authentically engaged #writers #writing #social media #engaged #community

The importance of finding and belonging to a community of writers is explored in this post by Jane Friedman. It makes some really good points about building relationships and adding value to any community you join, especially through social media.


Take home message for me : you can’t expect people to know you and help you if you haven’t spent time getting to know them and connecting with them online.